Kit Kat

Fun Advertising: Kit Kat

In advertising, there is often no substitute for merely showing the product itself. The audience sees the actual product they are buying, recognizes what it looks like, and connects with it right away. Sometimes, the simplicity of this concept is lost when brands use sweeping metaphors or complicated imagery to grab the attention of their audience. This concept it brought to life in this outdoor ad for Kit Kat, in which the bench becomes the candy bar itself. Simple and striking, this ad engages the viewer and reaffirms the image of the Kit Kat bar itself.

Your business may not have a budget on the same scale as Nestle, but it’s important to think how you can use the space you have to create fun and interesting outdoor advertising. Where is your ad going to be placed and who is going to look at it? The bench offers a level of interaction, just because people sit on it. Think about how you can probe your audience to interact with your outdoor advertising, because they will be more likely to remember it if they engage in more ways than one.