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Basically Brandy Photography

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Brandy is an Arizona Wedding Photographer who dreams of traveling the world. She loves meeting new people and finding elegant, dreamy, romantic locations to photograph their love.


Brandy Jackson is a professional wedding photographer who owns and operates Basically Brandy Photography. Brandy describes herself as a very passionate person, so she naturally loves photographing couples whose love, devotion and intimacy are easy to see. Brandy absolutely loves taking couples to “elegant, dreamy, romantic locations” in which to shoot. She takes truly breathtaking photos that couples will love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Before contacting Partnered Solutions IT, Brandy’s website was failing in a few key areas. It did not reflect Brandy’s sense of style and was not capturing the audience that she wanted to shoot. This was happening in part because her website lacked the ability to promote her photography in an enticing and stimulating way. Ultimately, Brandy felt that her old website was not an accurate reflection of her as a person and an artist and that it inadequately showcased her work and talents.

Client Request

The biggest request that Brandy made was that her new website should convey the same level of professionalism, artistry, and elegance as her photography. She felt that her old website wasn’t placing the level of attention on her work that it needed to, and as a result, she wasn’t attracting the customers she enjoyed photographing most.

Brandy provided us with a list of websites that had layouts, features, and styles she liked and wanted to be incorporated into her own website. With the overarching goal of making sure her new site reflected her passion for absolutely gorgeous photos which take your breath away, we got to work.

Tech Used / Process

Early on in the process of designing and developing Brandy’s site, our lead designer concluded that the use of parallax scrolling would be extremely useful not only because it requires a lot of high-quality imagery but also because it allows a web page to tell a visual story.

Parallax scrolling involves using a background and a foreground which scroll at different rates. This gives the illusion of depth and helps to capture and retain the audience’s attention. In fact, websites which feature some form of parallax scrolling have been shown to increase the total time that visitors spend on the page.

The End Result

The feature that both our team and Brandy ultimately liked the best is how the white overlay at the top of the homepage climbs up as you scroll down and invokes the sense of a veil being lifted.

The image heavy, minimalist design created by our team was exactly what Brandy was looking for. A new visitor to her site is immediately presented with numerous photos that accurately and efficiently communicates Brandy’s strengths and style when it comes to wedding photography. Moreover, the use of parallax scrolling entices visitors to reach the bottom of the page and therefore be exposed to a lot of Brandy’s work. Brandy was thrilled with her new site, and we were very happy to have worked with her.

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