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Synergy Brewing Systems


Synergy Brewing Systems is a metal manufacturing company that makes the best homebrewing systems on the market. Synergy’s owner, Aaron Keeney, is a masterclass welder whose dual passions for metalworking and homebrewing led him to found Synergy. When it comes to metalworking and high-quality homebrewing systems, Synergy simply can’t be beat.

Client Request

Synergy’s products are marketed and sold to a very specific and passionate audience of homebrewers. In order to create and maintain trust with this community, Aaron needed help establishing a social media presence and a trustworthy blog as a reliable resource for his clientele.

Aaron also wanted to revamp his website and make it more conducive to selling his brewing systems online while still preserving the look and feel of his old site.

Tech Used / Process

Synergy Brewing Systems was the perfect candidate for one of our Digital Marketing Campaigns. We created a blog page on Synergy’s site and started posting monthly articles. Since homebrewers are Synergy’s targeted audience, we needed to make sure that the blog matched the level of detail and expertise that homebrewers are looking for. Luckily, we have a wonderful staff of excellent copywriters who are capable of doing their due diligence to make sure Synergy’s blog posts suit the interests of these homebrewers.

We also established a social media presence for Synergy which has grown over the years. Social media can help any business keep in contact with its customers and attract new ones, but it has been especially beneficial for Synergy. Through their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Synergy can give helpful information for its audience which helps to demonstrate their authority.

To build a robust e-commerce website for Synergy, we decided to use Magento as their content management system. When it comes to e-commerce, it’s hard to beat Magento, and we were able to create a wonderful site with a lot of functionality to make it easier to manage Synergy’s online business.

The End Result

Synergy’s new version of their website has turned out great, and it solves a lot of the problems from their old site. It makes managing and tracking their online sales much easier, and it allows integration with Synergy’s sister company, The Kief Thief. In fact, both Synergy and The Kief Thief’s websites and e-commerce can be controlled from the same place which makes Aaron’s job to manage them both much easier.

Synergy’s website is easily navigable and contains a bunch of useful information for homebrewers including FAQ’s, recipes, and their blog. Synergy’s social media has grown steadily over the years and serves as another useful resource for their customers.

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