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Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Simply put, Robert is a problem solver. He always puts the client’s needs first and is constantly coming up with cost-effective technology solutions to allow businesses to make the right decisions. He is an expert in Information Technology and has a vast knowledge of computer networking.

Robert is also a former president of the Eugene Active 20-30 Club #920. Some of the projects he led were Project X, Christmas Tree Pick Up, and Relief Nursery Main Event to name a few.

Chief Technology Officer

Charles has been our lead developer for over five years and has extensive experience in PHP, Expression Engine, Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3. He is constantly adapting to new technologies and trends in the tech world and is our go-to guy when it comes to challenging projects. 

Chief Operating Officer

A former adjunct English professor with more than a dozen years of experience in the industry, Clyde is an elusive kind of nerd: the kind that finds joy at the intersection of technology and people.

When not solving problems, he enjoys photography, writing, biking, and backpacking. He’s been north of the Arctic Circle and fixed an iPhone in New Zealand with a hairdryer.


Chris is a jack of all trades at Ruby Porter Marketing & Design. Using his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he has worked as a writer, a salesman, a designer, and as client care. With so many hats it was hard to lock down an all-encompassing position title, until his recent promotion to Chief Strategy Officer. Above all else, Chris is focused on keeping clients happy while bringing in new and exciting projects to the business.

Chris is also a world traveler, having been to 26 different countries, volunteers in and around the community through his work with the Active 20-30 Club of Eugene, and an avid dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, and Veteran of the Air Force. 

VP Digital Marketing

Bob, aka Shooter, is our hired gun. He has been in the advertising and marketing business for, well, longer than he wants to admit. Having previously managed TV stations in California, Washington and Alaska, Bob has also owned two advertising agencies and worked at another. So he has a ton of experience!

A believer that the online world is a vitally important part of any brick and mortar advertising, let Shooter…. err we mean Bob,  help you increase your overall business with a correct mix of traditional advertising with an increase in your online exposure and social marketing.

Lead Designer

Megan came all the way to Oregon from North Carolina after graduating from UNC Asheville. She loves learning about interactive media and graphic design as it evolves, but also loves doing stained glass, paper crafts, and other traditional types of design. So far, her favorite thing to do in Oregon is taking her dog to the coast to run on the beach and dig for clams.


Marisa graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. While she spends most of her time on the computer, she is also passionate about working with her hands. In her free time, Marisa makes jewelry and loves to draw in her sketchbook. Marisa is a maker, latte enthusiast, and chocolate chip cookie dough fanatic who wants to live in a world that is thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Sacha Anderson

Sacha earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Public Relations at the University of Oregon. She is an avid reader and writer, and while she manages our office, she is also our Lead Digital Marketer. Sacha wears many hats for PSIT and she is what we call our utility player.

Software Developer

Thomas started as an intern in the spring of 2015 while completing his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming at Lane Community College, but quickly moved up to one of our junior developer positions. As an avid gamer, Thomas has spent many of his days in front of a computer enjoying the fruits of this current technological age. While he will admit to being a “nerd” Thomas is also an avid sports fan having played baseball in high school and continues to follow all major sports in his free time.

HR & Accounting Lead

Amanda attended the University of Oregon and started as an intern for Ruby Porter in December of 2013. Amanda quickly grew in her position and took on the role of Staff Accountant and manager of Human Resources.

Amanda is also a member of the Eugene Active 20-30 Club and devotes a lot of her free time to giving back to the community. 

Jaime Buenano

With a job history primarily rooted in restaurant and bar management, customer service is Jaime’s forte. A people person by nature, Jaime brings a fresh perspective and inspires business practices grounded in community support. He has an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Lane Community College and is excited to be a part of Eugene’s burgeoning tech community.


[REDACTED] Hensley is the [REDACTED] to go to when you need to ensure your information is staying confidential.
[REDACTED] Hensley cares about privacy and security. Throughout his 17+ years in the industry, he brought HIPAA compliance to multiple medical clinics, developed engaging security training and awareness programs, built strong relationships due exceptional communication, and [REDACTED]. When not protecting clients from the many unseen and unconsidered forces on the web, he enjoys [REDACTED].

Senior Systems Administrator

Lee has extensive experience in IT support and works closely with clients to solve their technology problems. He has a wide knowledge of network infrastructure, software installations, troubleshooting, onsite support and much more! 

Systems Administrator

Richard is a troubleshooter, whether working on computers or just with life in general. He has been analyzing and fixing computers for over 10 years with an in-depth knowledge of antivirus and backup technologies. Aside from work, he likes to camp, hike, snowboard and play hockey.


Dan is a seasoned network administrator with 8 years’ experience installing and troubleshooting a wide array of business networks. With additional experience in business process development and systems integrations, he has a keen eye for picking out ways to improve the efficiency of any network.

Outside of work, he enjoys automotive technology and racing, hiking, playing video games and traveling to new places. 


Will has fixed bicycles, fed spotted owls, and refurbished electronics, from hairdryers to enterprise-grade servers. When not writing python scripts or reading datasheets, he enjoys competing in CTFs, researching new technologies, and spending time on the river.

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