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Promote Your Business Better with an Online Marketing Team

Running a business has many facets and responsibilities, and it can often be tough to do it all.  Having an online marketing team can help you decrease a lot of stress that comes with promoting your business on a regular basis, and can also help with costs of doing your own marketing.  With the increasing power of the internet (and availability just about anywhere, on any device), the importance of your business’s presence also increases.

Even if you are against social media for your personal use, your business should have it . An online marketing team can help you with managing your website and social media pages, write blogs for followers of your pages to read and share, and make sure you are seen as a professional business that customers cannot live without.

Graphic Design

Blog writing and social media management are important, but are much more attractive with graphics that are tailored to your business.  Having banners on your social media pages that interact well in the provided space, and changing them often keeps followers interested in your posts.  Stock photography should be used minimally, as you should show your own work, if you can. People want to see what you have done, and what you can do for them. Not all of your posts have to be all about business and sales. It helps to post fun, just-because, or holiday graphics that are made with your brand to keep people interested.  Another creative way to promote your business is to hold contests, giveaways, and sales that can give you positive reviews and bring in new customers.  These can be advertised on the web as well as in print.

Print Marketing Is Not Dead

By the way business owners, print is not “dead”. In fact, the majority of people who receive direct mail open it, and 63% of those who open it actually read it.  Just under half of consumers say after receiving direct mail from a new business, they have tried the new business. Business cards, post cards, flyers, handouts, and other print marketing tools should be something you create for your business often.  Your marketing team should be able to help you come up with some great marketing materials and graphic designs to have on hand when educating potential clients about your business.

Let’s Get Started

The best part about having your own online marketing team to promote your business is that you don’t have to do any of the writing or designing that makes a business successful. Just leave it in the trusted hands of an awesome online marketing team, like Ruby Porter! We’ll use the right techniques to make your business and services something customers will use, recommend, and remember forever.

Ruby Porter is a full service digital marketing and advertising agency in Eugene, Oregon that works with clients all over the country. We're here to share our best tips and favorite trends for SEO, marketing, website and app user design. Contact us to see how we can help boost your brand!

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