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Social Media for Small Businesses in 2019

Last week, our Vice President Bob Clarke gave a workshop on social media for the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business Boot Camp. He covered the basics of various social media channels, the audiences you can reach via each channel, and the way local businesses can leverage certain features of each channel to their benefit.

In addition, we’ve also written this Ruby Porter White Paper about emerging trends for social media in 2019, geared specifically to small businesses. In this short publication, you’ll discover the most cutting-edge research on the directions that social media is being pushed–both by consumers and by giants like Facebook.

Download Ruby Porter’s Social Media for Small Businesses in 2019


How Brands Should Adapt to the Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2019 by Hootsuite

2019 Small Business Survey by Visual Objects

Responding to Reviews by Review Trackers

2019 Changes to Facebook (“FB5”)


Erin has degrees in Philosophy, Linguistics, and Instructional Design, and taught English to international students at the University of Oregon. Prior to joining Ruby Porter, she was Project Manager with a local nonprofit, helping connect high school students to career opportunities, including internships in the tech industry.

Erin loves writing, storytelling, presentations, building relationships, and thinking deeply about brand identity. She plays and coaches ultimate frisbee (Go Birds!), loves cooking, hiking and camping in the PNW, and is an aspiring Cat Lady.

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