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Chemo & Crayons

Chemo & Crayons is a resource and community for anyone who’s life has been touched by pediatric cancer or who wants to know how to better support someone in their life who has.


Brand Identity
Print Collateral
Website Design

Chemo & Crayons - branding - Full Logo
Chemo & Crayons - branding - business cards
Chemo & Crayons - branding - logo badge

Chemo & Crayons needed branding that effectively portrayed the community and support they offer.

We wanted to create a logo that instilled hopefulness and positivity. It was important to effectively portray the community that Chemo & Crayons has built for people’s whose lives have been touched by pediatric cancer. We did this by introducing optimistic colors and used the iconography of people helping each other up.

Chemo & Crayons - web design
Launched November 13, 2018
Chemo & Crayons - web design - gif

Our web design strategy involves a lot more than just aesthetic. We take user experience seriously.

Chemo & Crayons has a wealth of resources and content to share with their users and community. It was important for us to organize and deliver this content in a way that was accessible, easy to find, and doesn’t overwhelm the user.

Chemo & Crayons - web design
Chemo & Crayons - web design
Chemo & Crayons - web design

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