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Stryker Fishing Rods

If you’re looking to build your own fishing rod, or just looking for your next daily-driver, cast no further than Stryker Rods. After purchasing Rogue Rods, established in Southern Oregon in 2005, Stryker Rods needed some fresh branding. Stryker needed a modern, edgy design with the ability to attract a wide demographic of fishermen and women all over the country. We wanted to be as encouraging as possible for users to get outside and fish!

Blanks, finished rods, and swag, oh my!

Stryker wanted to keep the customer’s focus on one product type at a time, so we separated their online shop by having one shop page only for blanks, one for finished rods, and one for swag. A table-view for the blanks shop was put in place so that customers could have a quick overview of all blanks. We also set up a wholesale customer level, which provides discounts and special products that are hidden to the general consumer.

Good photography helps to sell nearly anything.

We worked with Stryker to create and process their first rounds of product photos, as well as some photos around the rod shop, capturing the rod-building processes.

Launched February 2021