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Three Principles That Actually Lead To Conversions
Three Principles That Actually Lead to Conversions
  • July 12, 2018

The main point of having good website design is to get conversions. A conversion is when your website viewer does your desired action. Getting viewers to actually take action can be difficult but following these three principles will lead to…

5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Website User-Friendly
5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Website User-Friendly
  • April 5, 2018

How people interact with your website directly affects how the user perceives your site and ultimately your business. If the user is having a poor experience while browsing your site it is unlikely that they will stay long and certainly won’t convert into a customer. Our web designers put together five powerful tools to make your website more user-friendly.

Top 10 Design Trends To Look For In 2018
Top 10 Design Trends to Look for in 2018
  • January 5, 2018

2017 is in the books, so let’s take a look at what design trends 2018 will have in store for us. We asked one of our designers to give us her list of design trends to watch out for in 2018.

3 Free Ways To Optimize Website Images
3 Free Ways to Optimize Website Images
  • July 1, 2017

Last month, we touched on why it’s important to properly optimize your website’s images. This month, we’re looking at some free online tools to help you do just that. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, these free tools…

Our Recent Website Design And Development Work
Our Recent Website Design and Development Work
  • February 16, 2017

At Ruby Porter Marketing & Design, we started off the new year exactly as we wanted to: by launching six new websites. We were extremely busy over the holiday season, but we wouldn't want it any other way. We designed…

5 Signs Your Website Needs Some Work
5 Signs Your Website Needs Some Work
  • May 10, 2016

​So, you have a website, but how can you tell if it’s performing the way it needs to? These days simply having a website doesn’t cut it. It’s important to make sure that your website design and development is working…

How To Resize Photos For Free
How to Resize Photos for Free
  • January 18, 2016

Since websites are becoming more image-rich, the need for high-quality original photos has increased. However, large files can cause your website to load slower and thus drive traffic away. To help our clients, friends and followers of this blog to…

A Beginner’s Guide To Taking Photos For Your Website
A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Photos for Your Website
  • November 30, 2015

Nowadays it’s more important than ever to have quality original photos on your website. Whether you’re a construction business or a clothing boutique, people want to see photos of your work. Having a gallery section of nice photos on your…

Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive
Why Your Website Needs to Be Responsive
  • July 7, 2015

First off, a responsive website is a web design that is optimized across a variety of platforms (desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) with minimal scrolling, panning, and resizing. With key updates to Google’s algorithm and an overall increase in the use of…

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